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Employment Opportunities:

Quality Assurance Professionals

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New Online ACMPR (MMPR) Course:

New Online ACMPR (MMPR) Course

We have a mission focused on educating people about the medical marijuana industry. Our students are taught how to professionally grow medical cannabis, full legal compliance for Canada. Greenline works with lawyers, horticulturists, and medical doctors to deliver comprehensive training in this developing industry. After several years of hosting seminars in person, we're bringing our education online where we can help more people become successful in the medical marijuana business! Our education modules are focused on the BUSINESS model, SCIENCE of cultivation and the HEALTH benefits of cannabis.

Grow a Plant, Change a Life:

Medical doctors and physicians the world over recognize the powerful medical benefits of the cannabis plant. The leaves and flowers of the plant have been found to effectively treat the cruel symptoms of:

Checkmark Multiple Sclerosis
Checkmark Arthritis
Checkmark Glaucoma
Checkmark HIV/AIDS
Checkmark Epilepsy
Checkmark Crohn's Disease

This one little plant has become an incredible friend to those in need. New legislation is recognizing these benefits and governments are beginning to increase the legalization of medical marijuana.


"I think the big question for everyone is: Is it legal for me to do this? To possess this? Smoke it? Grow it? Greenline had lawyers at the seminar and they walked us through step by step about what our legal options are."


"I've battled with managing my MS for years, and cannabis has been the best treatment I've found. Of course, it's not always easy to come by. Greenline gave me the tools I needed to provide for myself for the first time. I can't recommend them enough!"


"Greenline definitely helped me answer questions about dispensaries and how financially viable my business model was. I learned some new harvest tricks, and a big shout out to the organic soil part. That's helped me a lot."


"I walked in not really knowing what to expect and having a ton of questions about what I legally could and couldn't do. Greenline was a big help and I'm now working on becoming a Designated Grower."