Company Profile:

Greenline Academy is an organization focused on educating people about the Medical Marijuana industry. Our mission is to deliver professional-level training and education about the laws and regulations that govern this burgeoning industry.

Our students emerge from our seminars with a robust understanding of how to successfully grow medical marijuana, while also maintaining full compliance with the applicable laws in their area. Our legal professionals are well-versed in the regulations of Health Canada and the frequently-changing landscape throughout the US.

Greenline Academy's online seminar offers students a unique opportunity to enhance their medical cannabis knowledge. The Medical Marijuana (MMJ) industry is set to grow exponentially as state and local governments relax their laws and regulations.

Those people who understand the licensing systems, patient care, and high-level growing techniques are positioned to benefit greatly. Greenline is turning students into business professionals with an immersive marijuana education. We believe in the medical benefits of cannabis, and believe in helping others understand the opportunity.

Don't pass up this exciting chance to gain insider knowledge about growing techniques, caregiver advice, and complete coursework on legal regulations!

Our Founder:

Don Schultz
With a well-rounded professional background, including Airline Transport Pilot, Property Development & Real Estate, and Appraiser, Greenline's founder brings business experience and sensibility to an industry in its beginning stages.

As a State Certified Cultivator of Medical Marijuana, as well as being State Certified in Bud Tending, Don Schultz is proud of the medical marijuana industry and excited about the future.

"The recent legislature in Colorado and Washington State has been wonderful to watch," Schultz says. "I think the current Administration is right in taking a relaxed approach, and the voters have shown their support. It's only a matter of time before this industry really takes off and growers and care providers will benefit greatly."